Austin Hi-Tech Epoxy FLoors


How much will my new floor cost?

Your cost will be based on the size of your floor and the type of finish you require. We look forward to setting up an appointment for a free estimate. At the time of the appointment we will answer any questions that you might have in addition to showing you samples of our products. Your quoted price will include all labor and materials, cleaning, crack filling, preparation, and pigmented base coats with fuel & impact resistant topcoats. Our floors are designed to stay down 20+ years without re-coat and will never peel.

How long will it take to perform the job?

Most jobs are completed in two or three days depending on the product you choose and the amount of time required to prep the floors for the epoxy coats.

How long before I can walk on the floor?

Light foot traffic is acceptable after 24 hours. We recommend waiting 48 hours before driving on the surface. Cold winter days usually require an extra day to cure.

How long will my new floor last?

Our floors have a trouble free life expectancy of 20-25 years. The combination of our preparation techniques and quality of product ensure that you will have a beautiful garage floor to enjoy for many years to come.

What do you recommend using to clean my floor?

We recommend using 5 ounces of ammonia per gallon of water in a bucket along with a damp mop to clean the floor.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We have a 5 year warranty. We warranty our work against flaking and peeling for a period of five years from the invoice date.

I already have a coating on my floor right now, can I still get your product installed?

In most cases we can replace your existing finish with our high quality epoxy floor coating. Our sales representative will evaluate your floor and make a recommendation on the best way to achieve the floor you are looking for.

How is the garage floor prepared prior to putting down the epoxy?

Preparing the concrete is the most important step in the installation process. First, any minor cracks in the concrete will be repaired. Next we clean and prep the floor with a dust free diamond grinder, for a superior bond, this is recommended by all quality manufacturers. Acid washing is inadequate, is toxic, must legally be contained, and may leave the concrete smooth. The concrete needs a roughed up surface to grip to, this is absolutely necessary for the epoxy to stay down 20+ years, and this is why we diamond grind the entire surface.

My garage is full of stuff. What do we do with it while the floor is being coated?

It is the homeowner's responsibility to remove all possessions from the garage. Typically we recommend that your items be stored as much as possible inside the home, however in most cases the best location becomes a covered patio or side yard. There are many temporary storage solutions available.

How long before I can put my car back in the garage?

It is recommended that all vehicles are kept off the garage floor for a minimum of 2 days. This will allow the topcoats to completely cure.

Can your floor coating system be installed if I have a moisture problem?

If you have a moisture problem, we recommend that you find the source of the moisture problem and fix it prior to having any epoxy coating installed on your floor. Fixing the problem will allow you to enjoy your floor for years to come!

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